small logoThe aim of the orchestra is to enjoy making lovely noises together with others by including all levels of musical experience.

The style is 'chamber orchestra meets folk' where the rhythm  comes from the tune and accompaniment players rather than a hefty set of timps and percussion.

The orchestra comprises fiddles, flutes, concertinas, accordions, melodeons, guitar, dulcimer, clarinets, saxophone, viola, cello, double bass, keyboard, recorders - really anything that scrapes, squeezes, blows, plucks or plinks and no percussion.

We all have some ability to read music, or follow a line, but we do not sight-read. 

So dig out your instruments and come and play with us!


clarinet player
Very Top: Roffo's happy strings
Nigel sorting out his plumbing
Below: Bob plucking for Roffo guitar player
Photographs © Fred Chance 2018
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