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small logoThe orchestra plays traditional tunes from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia and North America (mostly) and compositions for the orchestra by member Mike Adcock.

Music is arranged specifically for the orchestra to include a tune line, counter melody, sometimes a flute part, continuo, Bb clarinet and Eb saxaphone, viola (alto clef) and bass line for cello and bass, with chord notation also included.

Repertoire from our first year includes:
Brudesmarsch fra Malun (Sweden), Coleman's March (America), Hambo par Logen (Denmark), Gloucester Hornpipe (Gloucestershire), Louisville Quickstep (England and US), Mount Hills, Peanut Shoes and Purple Lilies (New Mexico), South Wind (Ireland), Telegraph Post (Scotland), Upplands Schittische and Finska Polska (Sweden), Kakelinne (Mike Adcock).

Audio files

mount hills audio file Mount Hills

jolly tune Peanut Shoes & Purple Lilies

mount hills audio file Coleman's March

mount hills audio file The South Wind


recorder and keyboardsVery Top: The full band in rehearsal
Keith, Jane, Leigh and a bit of Bridget
Below: Leigh perched atop his accordionaccordion 2

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